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This week was pretty hard I think. I've had such a hard time being diligent this transfer. It just builds up until I feel really terrible about not going out and working hard. It's hard though because I'm really passive and Sister Baker hates contacting/tracting. This transfer I'm going to work on being more intense about like insistent upon finding. It's my favorite part of missionary work. Sister Baker and I are STAYING TOGETHER FOR ANOTHER TRANSFER THOUGH!! I'm so excited! I really just want to stay with every companion for two transfers and one companion for three transfers. Also I want to stay in every area for 4 transfers and one for 4 transfers. That way I'll have 3 areas and 6 companions. I'm pretty sure that won't happen though.

I'm proud to announce that all the people in my apartment pulled together and bust out a PERFECT CLEANING CHECK SCORE! It was probably the cleanest I've ever been in my life. It was a true miracle for sure. I'm not sure how we pulled it off. Also I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I recently remembered that I'm an adult and nobody can tell me what to do anymore. Therefore I adopted some succulents. I think I mentioned it already because I remember not being able to spell succulent. Oh well. I'm sure y'all don't even read this that closely anyway. I'll send a picture of the succulents next week probably. They're adorable. I saved one from this moldy gross mason jar and Sister Baker almost died because she's really allergic to mold. Also If you wash a succulent's entire root ball away and then stick it in some dirt it just handles it. Way to be.

We weren't able to teach Carmen this week. She hasn't been feeling well. I think the heat upsets her arthritis. Also it's super hard to do missionary work when it's hot because I get so exhausted. Then I think about our Elders and also the Elders on foot in RSM and I have to feel less bad for myself.

We had zone training meeting. I though about my missionaries and cried. So like 5 times in a row that has happened. It was cool because they compared missionary work to a boat. The boat is our legacy as a missionary. We're all building a boat. It was pretty awesome.

I ate squid the other day and it actually wasn't awful, which is surprising because it's be awful every time I've tried it before. Am I a freak because I can put away an entire bowl of Pho? Cause nobody I've every eaten it with has been able to. I feel like a fat kid.

Speaking of being a fat kid there was a huge pioneer day celebration on Saturday. It was crazy because it was pretty big and usually events of that size cost money and stuff, but everything was free. All the stuff was provided by different auxiliaries of different wards in the stake. There was tones of food. I ate pie for pie-oneer day. Everybody was telling all their pioneer ancestor stories and I was like yeah well... my pioneer story is that I joined the church. It was a weird day. The Monsons' baby threw up for like 30 seconds consecutively. It was impressive.

WE GOT TO TEACH PRIMARY YESTERDAY AND IT WAS MY FAVORITE THING EVER!! I just want my lifelong calling to be teaching 10/11 year olds. We were talking about Captain Moroni and Sister Hervey got all the primary students to make a title of liberty. Then Sister Baker and I got everyone to write on the back something the spirit told them they could do to be more like Moroni. Most of the kids wrote something like "be a good person" or "truth" but one kid wrote "have more worthwhile prayers." I was like dude... same... Anyway primary was the best thing ever.

Oh yeah! Sister Baker and I are moving to Mission Viejo so we don't have to drive 15 minutes into our area.

funny quotes!

"AYE FILIPE ! It was tha Mormons!" -Some guy while tracting

"You could just be like excuse me sir I am FIFTEEN years old.... He would believe you." -Sister Baker

"I wish I had infinite time for family history... oh wait! The millennium!" -me

"You can hope for a better world and a place at the right hand of God." -Sister Baker
"Yeah that's why I really hope Donald Trump gets elected! It will be a better world!" -Sister Harris

"We are walking with a purpose!" -Sister Baker
"no one is going to kidnap us!" -me
"hey...." -Las Floras sisters from car

"practice asking them to remove distractions like the tv or a crying baby." -me
"Excuse me could you please turn that baby off?" -Me and Sister Baker

"I don't know why anyone needs coupons for kitty litter but it was in the mail so..." -Elder Radeke
*Elder Hook Laughing*
"Elder Hook is lauging because he knows." -me

"It was good. I thought about my missionaries and cried so it was successful." -me
"Yeah cause my whole intent has always been to make you cry Sister Atchley" -Elder White

"Deadlifting is awesome cause it's just using all the muscles in your body to pick up something really heavy. Even your jaw. It ads an extra like 20 pounds." -Elder White

"She's from Texas so she knows how to deep fry stuff." -Elder Center

"Horse" -Magu

We were teaching Sister Yokochi's jungle bird some vocabulary.
I tried to teach it to say my name but instead it said no. Rude.

"I wonder if Magu can say my name." -me

"You'll learn one day Magu." -Me
"Yeah one day when you get married." -Pam

Apparently Elder Oler told Pam that I'm really good at art. I've never served around him though. How does he know? Apparently I'm kinda #famous.

"Parrots live to be like 100 surely it could learn to say my name in that amount of time." -me
"Instead it says actually" -Sister Baker
"Eat me Sister Atchley" -Sister Baker

"oh hey it's shoes! Good cause the sole just fell off mine." -Me
"that's inspired!" -Elder White

"Cute Shoes" -Elder White

"it smells really rank over here throw me that febreze." -me
"OH MAN! Now it smells like some cologne Santa probably wore when he was young and trying to pick up Mrs. Clause!" -me
"It smells like rank Christmas!" -Sister Baker

Reading assignment:

So yesterday it occurred to me that after Christ suffered for our sins his robes would have been stained red seeing that he bled from every pore. Do with that information what you will, but the reading assignment is D&C19.

Love Y'all!

This was titled Mormon 7:10 (I think she got the wrong verse since there is nothing about fish or birds in Mormon 7:10. I will check with her, -Dad)

Our perfect cleaning score.

Pioneer Day

When you try to make an ugly face and hope it turns out cute.

They are termite tenting our church so it is it is Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints Bouncy tent version. 

This bush

Still not working.

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