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This has been a good week. None of our investigators made it to church but Veronica is reading the Book of Mormon and marking in it now. Almost all of our investigators are reading the Book of Mormon. It's exciting because that's what leads to lasting conversion. It's also exciting because I never read the Book of Mormon as an investigator. I did come to church every week though. It's just a different process for different people I've learned. It's a good thing Heavenly Father understands all of His children a lot better than we understand each other. 

I never update y'all on my life. Sorry. We have a bunch of investigators. 
They're all single ladies over the age of 40. 4/5 of them live in the same complex. We found all of them by contacting. Except Veronica. She tracted the Spanish Elders basically. #PlotTwist. 
We found Helen 500 weeks ago when Sister Baker and I were first companions. She's really nice. She just agrees with everything we teach her. She agreed to live the word of wisdom most recently. It's hard for her though. 
We've also got Therese. She's the employee of the bishop of the foothill ranch ward. She's super Catholic, but she agreed to pray about the great apostasy. 
We're picking up Peggy and Eleanor. Peggy is the daughter and Elanor is 96. They're super friendly. 
Veronica was feeling a little sick this week. We went over and she was like "come on in but we're sick!" So we came in and were like "Want a blessing?" So we got Elder Foutz and Elder Blue to come give her a blessing. It was amazing because Elder Foutz is super in tune so he was saying all this stuff that there's no way he could have know she needed help with. She said while she was getting the blessing that she felt "that feeling like a breath of fresh air!" Veronica describes the spirit so cool. 
It was super cute because when the blessing started Wes, her 6 year old, kinda stopped being squirmy and looked really hard at Elder Foutz. Then he kinda slid off the couch onto his knees and folded his arms. He said a really good prayer the other day after our lesson. He's a cutie pie. He got a blessing too. That was really interesting. It sounded a lot like he's going to be a really good missionary in the future. We talked about the priesthood and about how Wes could have the priesthood if he's raised in the church. 

Elder Hamula came to the mission again and blew everyone's mind again. He talked about how when Adam and Eve first found themselves in the lone and dreary world they CALLED upon the name of the Lord and HEARD the voice of the Lord. He talked about how you have to pray but sincerely and you must also listen for direction after you pray. 

He also talked about how miracles come AFTER you exercise your faith. He said a miracle is something you can't explain. That's why it's a miracle. It was pretty cool. 

So uh... California made recreational marijuana legal and plastic bags illegal. So now you have to bring reusable bags or pay like 50 cents per bag at every grocery store. Needless to say we carried all our groceries by hand. 
Jk there's a bunch of Trader Joe's bags kicking around in our apartment we just forgot them. 

I saw Elder Anthony this week! He's super happy to be back in Chinese. I also saw Elder Burk. Everyone's always so happy when I see them. It's the best. 
It may be the President Orgill effect. President Orgill always was like I'm so glad everyone in this mission is happy all the time. Elder Dayton pointed out that President Orgill probably had an inflated sense of how happy the mission was because everyone was always super happy to see him so he never saw anyone be unhappy. 

now the main part of the e-mail: 

"It's the little MORMON BOYS! Don't worry, they're harmless." -lady standing directly behind me at Target

"I'm buying PANTS!" -Elder Foutz

"Elder Kennedy are you a reader of doctrine?" -Elder Mask 
"I read the scriptures if that's what you're asking." -Elder Kennedy
So I don't usually give context but I think this one is funnier with context. So Elder Mask was trying to swerve my conversation w/Elder Kennedy and initiate a conversation about Talmage or something and Elder Kennedy wasn't having it. Except Elder Kennedy always has a friendly tone of voice. So basically this conversation sounded like bad acting from a movie about Mormons. 

"I can see Elder Chain wearing eyeliner." -Elder Kennedy

"If I was a cartoon I would be Wanda from Fairly Odd Parents." -me 
"I can see it." -Elder Kennedy 
"Wait no I would be Velma." -me 
"My sister was Velma for Halloween." -Elder Kennedy
"I was Velma for Halloween." -me 
"You must be my sister." -Elder Kennedy

"How dare these people exercise their constitutional rights!" -Sister Baker

"I feel like if you give it to her now the spiritual thought will last like two minutes and you can maybe get it back but if not you will probably not be able to have it for a longer period of time." -me 
"Wow that totally worked. Sister Atchley is going to be a great mom." -Brother Pinon 

"We were going to live in Idaho but it was just a way different lifestyle." -Brother Pinon
"Aren't you a surf coach? That would be kind of hard to do in Idaho." -Sister Baker

"Yeah CTR. Choose The RICH!" -Sister Sinclair

"I'm never going to be able to look at a potato shaped man again without thinking of you!!" -Sister Sinclair 
"Get his number for Sister Atchley." - Sister Baker

"Sorry my hands are covered in tears." -me 
"It's ok my tears are covered in hands." -Elder Radeke

"ok well..... giving blessings to sisters..... always awkward afterwards....." -Elder Radeke

"I'm watching my carbs." -Elder Rasmussen 
"I'm not..... as you can see." -Elder Kennedy

"Holy Grail is a Catholic term I shouldn't have probably used it." -Elder Hamula

"You right Sisters Probably dead RAT! You take car to Pep Boy!" -Elder Chao 

"This is the nastiest cabin air filter I've ever seen." -Pep Boys guy

"I'm on track to becoming a weremagu." -me 
Stinkin Magu bit the snot out of me for the second time. Tropical bird lookin, weird tongue havin, green feather lookin, fire alarm soundin little

"Nobody has more pride in their heritage than Brother Mortensen"-me 
"Well! Idaho is a wonderful place!" -Brother Mortensen
"Oh Andy! That's why you've spend most of your life in California!" -Sister Mortensen

We had dinner at the Mackays' Cole brought out this pirate muppet. He's actually really good at muppets for being an 8 year old. 

"Me name is Scurvy Jones of the 12 seas!" -Cole/Scurvy
"12 Seas!?"-me 
"I also go to Mars!" -Scurvy

"And my worst enemy! Captian Space Underpants!" -Scurvy
"I think I know that guy!" -me 
"Yes! He knows you too!" -Scurvy
"Oh yeah? What does he know about Sister Atchley?" -Brother Mackay
"He has a HUGE CRUSH on her!" -Scurvy
"COLE!!" -Brother Mackay

"That just means your beard doesn't have enough vitamin C." -me 
"That is correct fair maiden!" -Scurvy
"Fair maiden!? Jeez kid!" -Brother Mackay

And that's a story about how I got hit on by an 8 year old via hand puppet. 

"So Scurvy what's the most interesting thing you've learned being a pirate?" -me 
"Baby Koalas have to eat the mom's poop-" -Scurvy
"COLE!!" -Sister Mackay
"WHAT IT'S TRUE!" -Cole 

The reading assignment is:
Thoughts About Thoughts by Dean L. Larsen

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