Monday, August 1, 2016


I'm pleased to announce that we are just worn out from doing missionary work this week. I was super unsatisfied with the amount of finding we were doing. We were getting discouraged because, due to the heat, not many people are in the parks. In Oak Creek there are like 50 parks, and they're always full of people. All my finding efforts have been street contacting until this point. I have been praying for ways to motivate us to do more stuff and be less lame. I suggested having a Window of Heaven every day. So we set a goal to have one hour of tracting every day this week. I haven't gone tracting very much before because it is just the worst in Oak Creek, but we have experienced SO MUCH SUCCESS. We found 13 potential investigators just this week and taught 3 lessons to people. It's been really amazing. I have such a strong testimony of finding though our own efforts. I personally have found it to be the most effective method of lifting people and sharing the Lord's light with the largest number of people. We probably honestly knocked upwards of 100 doors because we got 70 contacts this week and all but like 4 of them were from tracting. It was amazing that the Lord strengthened us to work in the heat. Especially me because I'm the hugest baby when it comes to being hot and sweaty. It hasn't really bothered me that much this week though. However, we are always dissapointed in ourselves because we will be nasty sweaty hot messes and a member will be like "Oh yeah! Sisters it's SO hot. It was 86 today." We'll be like "are you kidding me...."

Lots of cool stuff happened to us this week. I got invited in to teach someone a lesson for the first time. He was a really friendly older man who had a lot of concerns about the bible. I was like dude! Me as well before I met the missionaries. He appreciated that I had issues with some of the same things that he had issues with. He was also open to the idea that I had answers. He said something like "I just have a lot of doubts and see a lot of holes and that means either the bible is wrong or I'm missing some additional insight. I always keep my eyes open for it." We're hoping to go back and teach him sometime soon. Also record for the friendliest person who has ever talked to us with the opening line "Yeah I've seen the play." 

Elder Anthony is CRUSHING it as our district leader. He's like a whole different Elder Anthony. He did a complete 180. I wasn't worried because Elder Anthony is totally devoted to doing what the Lord asks so I knew that he would never exercise unrighteous dominion. He made the most practical and motivating district goals though, and he apologized to us for the way he may have been last transfer. He also keeps asking us what he can do to make us happier and to help us progress. He honestly just really cares about everyone. Elder Anthony is great. Also he's the only person I've been in the same zone as for literally my entire mission. We had a HILARIOUS unity activity created by yours truly and companion. We made a bunch of get to know you questions and would you rathers and made everyone ask someone else in the district some of the questions. Then we made everyone introduce themselves and the other person. It started out ok, but really quickly turned into a district roast. Elder Anthony did the most hilarious impression of me I have ever seen in my life. I was rolling. Anyway the point being, I really look up to people who just do what Heavenly Father wants them to do. Also you never know how humble someone can be. Also you can't love someone unless you know and understand them and you can't come to know and understand someone without developing love for them. 

I've been getting really homesick and night and missing Matthew. I like miss him all day though, but especially at night. We found all these really old church magazines and one of them had an article where the tagline was "Whether you believe you can, or believe you cannot, you are right" I was like "huh my dad always says this...."

We taught sharing time in primary. I made a folder that looks like the Salt Lake temple out of two poster boards and had the children draw a picture of themselves and chuck it in there. #ObjectLessons 
It was cool because I got to consecrate my talents, and also because I didn't even stress about how awful my temple looked. 
I forgot to photograph the succulents again. I'll do it when I get home probably. 

Get ready for some funny times: 

We were tracting and this guy opened the door. We had a hard time not laughing because his appearance took us by surprise. He looked exactly like what it would be like if an egg had a baby with Mr. Clean. Also he had a tan line from wearing shades. 

"This kid has GOT to be Mormon." -me and Sister Baker
"What ward are you guys in?" -cashier 
Our only evidence was the fact that he was really clean looking and working super hard while straight cheesin it with all these braces. He was like 17 probably. Solid kid. 

"It was totally demolished." -Sister Baker
"Totally demolished sounds like something I would do to like...... a plate of nachos..." -me 
"oh...... I was thinking a toilet....." -Sister Baker
"true....." -me 

"BYE MOM!!!" -Me 
"DAUGHTER!!!" -Sister 
"Make sure your tears stay on the clothing and don't get any on the carpet." -Elder Seegmiller

"I'm Elder Hook. I like swimming and playing pokemon, but I won't be dong that for two years...." -Elder Hook 
He just went home too. 

We met all the greenies they were mostly cool. There are two in our district. 

"Stop eating! We have to take this picture!!" -Sister Baker

"What are you two doing here?" -Sister Seegmiller 
"Eating the mission office food." -me 

Elder Center demolished the high score on this arcade that Brother Yokochi has. 
"I don't know why I'm so good at it. I never play video games." -Elder Center
"You probably just have a lot of hand eye coordination from doing... cowboy... stuff..." -me 
"oh my heck!!" -Elder Center 

"The whole time I was in there I wanted to make you breakfast, but I was like..... what does Sister Atchley even eat for breakfast!?!" -Sister Baker 
This is funny because I basically only eat toast and grapes ever except at member dinners. Don't worry it's by choice I have heaps of money. 

"Hopefully somebody does PARK US IN AGAIN I HAD TO FOLD THE MIRROR!!" -Sister Baker
"The car with the biggest lift kit in the world is going to come and park directly over us." -me

"oh hey it's nidoking" -me 
"oh you know what they're called?"-Sister Degraw 

"Sister Atchley reminds me of that one main jazz cat from aristocats" -Sister Baker

"If he doesn't say Toby Maguire he's straight wrong." -me  
"Elder Anthony looks like Toby Maguire it's kinda freaky." -Elder Rassmussen 
"Hi I'm Toby Maguire." -Elder Anthony 

"My missionaries are just so great they're just so good. They baptized me so good!" -Elder Anthony 
"Well... My missionaries, so great, they just wore long shorts!" -Elder Anthony 

"I wanna eat cake." -me 

"We have a 5 second rule in primary." -Adult
"more like 5 century rule!" -kid 

"This person's name starts with M" -Adult
"MY NAME IS MATHAN!" -nathan 

"It's probably because he was taking steroids, stuff makes you break out... In case you were wondering why I have so much acne." -Sister Wimmer

Reading Assignment:
The Shoes of a Winner by Elder Robert L. Backman

If you want to be slightly uncomfortable:
Brad and Jenny by Jack Weyland

Love Y'all!

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