Tuesday, August 9, 2016

8/8//2016 1000/1000/10000

You may be wondering why there's a note card taped to our car. The note card is obscuring the giant F WORD SOMEONE WROTE ON THERE THIS WEEK! Come on man! Be a decent human being! #persecution 

Anyway other than that this week was pretty good. I got way really homesick. I really just want a big bowl of beans. We have lots of really good dinners, and many of the members are terrific cooks, but nobody makes beans. Then if they do they aren't the same. Other things I miss are barbecue, chicken fried steak, and texmex. 

I feel like I learned a lot and had a really good week, but it's hard for me to write everything down in this email. I was gonna share all these scriptures but I forgot my planner so I don't remember what they were. 

We had exchanges this week. I learned a lot from Sister Downs. Pretty soon I'm going to start having Sister training leaders who have been out for less time than I have. Oh well that's normal.
While we were on exchanges we met Carmen in the park. She said she never walks through the park so she knew it was a "God thing". I was super excited because we though she hated us, but she was kinda upset when we saw her. She kept talking about how "why would God want her when she's ugly and nobody even likes her and there are so many other people on earth that people love and she doesn't even know why she's here." I asked her if she thought I liked her and she was like :'( yes. I love Carmen so much. I'm just sad that so much stuff could happen to one human being. She told us not to leave her. We also had a scheduled meeting with her this week, in which she asked a lot of questions that we were able to answer. Her birthday is this week on the 14th. We're confused on how to extend an invitation to go to ARP. I'm sure the spirit will direct. 

We also taught this guy named Zach. He was super amazing! He's this 26 year old Jewish guy who decided he wanted nothing to do with it when he was 13. Now he's reached the age of 26 and is embarrassed that he doesn't know how he feels about a higher power or how to live his life. So basically he's really humble and really searching for the truth. 
"What's your understanding of prophets?" -me 
"Well I stopped learning about all this stuff when I was 13 like I said, but I guess my understanding is that they're a person who receives inspiration from God and then they carry it to the people?" -Zach 
He's just super great and awesome. We're passing him to the YSA this week. 
The way we met him was that we like super awkwardly approached this group of punk 20 year olds. We were even like "I don't what to talk to these people because they all look like punks and they look like their our age. mer." as we were walking up. Then he started asking all these questions and his punk friends harassed him. Never judge a book I guess. Also #ThePowerOfContacting. 

We prayed to know who we were going to pass too and the spirit chastised us. Elders. Obviously. 

We were at dinner the other day and the 8 year old shared a scripture with US. It was D&C 130:1-2. 
"Why do you like this scripture?" -me 
"I don't know when I read it I just felt the spirit.... My favorite part is where is says which glory we do not now enjoy." -Cole 

Anyway some funny stuff happened: 

Namely we got the f word written on our car in permanent marker. 

"You aren't old enough to buy any of this!" -me 
"That's not true. Elder Vaipulu's 21." -Elder Gee
"What that mean? We buy drink here?" -Elder Vaipulu 
"Yeah, but i'm NOT going for coors." -Elder Gee

We ran into the Elders in the alcohol section of Target. Before you start to judge, the alcohol section of target is like 50% of the groceries section of Target.   

"I don't what to go to hell because I have cataracts. All that fire would not be good on my eyes. Also check this out... have you SEEN my skin?" -Carmen 

"A is so cute! If I was going to sell a human being I could get A LOT of money for her!" -Carmen

"Basically Sister Atchley knows everything about missionary work and she has the gift of discernment and she always has the spirit. Y'all should listen to everything she says." -Elder Center

"If you're both physical touch.. just touch each other more" -Elder Center

"My temple recommend is not on me so if the second coming happens I'm in trouble." -Elder White 
"I'm sure they can look it up." -me 
"Chyeah the angel's got his little iPad... uh... what's your membership number." -Elder White

"Dang... Joseph Smith's membership number is 2." -Elder White

"I was decorating this little guy and I was like you know who could do this way better? SISTER ATCHLEY!!!" -Elder Radeke 

"So what happened?" -Apartment manager
"Someone wrote the f word on our car in permanent marker." -Sister Baker 
"Wow I'm sorry.  I don't even know how to write that." -manager 

"SURELY no one would key our car." -me 

"Are you thinking of a grey elephant in Denmark?" -me 
"No I'm thinking of a black and white ostrich in the Dominican Republic get at me." -Sister Baker 

"So... are dances like.... common in your church?" -Zach 

"I think Heavenly Father is so done with us right now." -Sister Baker 

"Always fatter never taller." -Sister Baker 
"That's like the title of the movie about my life." -me 
"Same" -Sister Baker 

"We're gonna bring you something for your birthday." -me 
"well ok but it doesn't HAVE to be marijuana." -Carmen

"The only concern is his work schedule. He works on Sunday." -Elder Center
"Just get him fired." -Bishop's son 

"SISTERS! I know you aren't in charge of the Elders, but do you think they know how to get to the church?" -Bishop 
"Questionable." -Sister Baker 

"The bears only eat the female salmon because the female salmon have more fat on their bodies than the male ones." -Brother Byrne
"huh.. it's just like female humans." -me 
*loses it* -Everyone 

I have an invitation rather than a reading assignment this week: 
Set some time aside to say a prayer. Pray until you clearly feel the spirit, however long that takes. After you're feeling the spirit pray as it directs. 

Love Y'all!!

Here's my homies the succulents. 
The little round leaf one is the big round leaf one's baby. The other one is adopted, but cuter. 

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