Tuesday, July 5, 2016


This week was pretty amazing. We me the most hilarious person we've ever met in our entire lives. The Spanish sisters gave us this referral, because they contacted into a lady who wanted the Book of Mormon but they didn't have an English one. Her name is Carmen and I can't tell you most of what happened because it's not suitable for a missionary email. Suffice to say within the first two minutes of being there this lady was like "Woops better hide my paraphernalia!" and chucked her pipe under a book. We're picking her up as an investigator this week because she was "stoked" to receive the Book of Mormon and the atonement is real and for everyone. Also every time I read scriptures about how the gospel is for everyone I think of her so I'm thinking we should probably teach her. Her cat is named precious darling baby.  I have tons of quotes from her to follow.

There's this less active that the sisters had been trying to contact forever before I got into the ward. Apparently our Bishop told them to ask about her horses. So we were like "Hey Sister Sinclair we heard you had a pretty cool horse." She texted back IMMEDIATLY and set up a time for us to go and meet her (and the horse). So this week I learned that I'm kinda nervous around horses. Jk I'm super scared of horses. This means Elder Center and I can never be real friends.
The real important thing I learned from this is that everyone will talk to you if you want to talk about something they're passionate about.

Sister Baker and I are getting along super well. We're like best friends. We have trouble doing missionary work though. We sometimes get really distracted by the hilarious and/or insightful conversations we're having. Our weekly goal this week is getting out of the car as soon as we park. That will make us do way more missionary work I think. I have a testimony of weekly goals. They work so well. One time my weekly goal was to recognize the spirit more and I spent the entire week hyper focused on recognizing the spirit. Now I'm better at recognizing the spirit. Y'all should set a weekly goal this week. When I get home I'm going to set one to only eat actual portion sizes for a week. That's impossible on the mission though. I think I'm getting super fat in Mission Viejo because we eat a lot. (Thanks members)

I ALMOST FORGOT TO WRITE ABOUT PRESIDENT CLARK! He's awesome. The spirit told me that I was going to really love President Clark like way before we met him. The we met him and he's actually amazing. He got up to talk to us, quoted like 5 scriptures based on the hymn we just sang, and then pulled out this gnarly set of scriptures. The gold leafing is basically gone. Then he told like three stories about hanging out with apostles while he was an area 70. He's also taller than President Orgill somehow. President Orgill is already gigantic. President Clark is probably 6'4" or something. I get an interview with him sometime within the next two weeks. Sister Clark is really nice too.
"Wow! You have the most beautiful smile I've ever seen! Seriously! It lights up this whole room!" -Sister Clark being genuinely taken aback 

So it was fast Sunday in July. Every companionship I asked said they had a member in their ward bear their testimony on freedom and America. I think that's so obnoxious when it happens. I wonder if members in Mexico do the same thing. Probably not. Anyway that's straight up culture not doctrine. There was a temple music night devotional. A recent convert bore her testimony on Mitt Romney and freedom and the republican platform. It was so uncomfortable. Sister Baker was super dope at playing the piano though.

Yesterday was kind of a weird day because our p-day activity was at 7:00 pm. So our p-day was super long. So like y'all may know, but I NEVER participate in p-day activity. Shocker, I know. So we roll in to p-day and I'm already stressed out because I just got this hugely uncomfortable feeling at dinner for some reason. So like anyway the zone leaders are like Sister Atchley come participate in this p-day activity and I was like what the heck might as well. #zoneunity and then the PRANKED ME! I've never felt so betrayed in my life. I was like so incredibly upset that I left p-day activity crying. Not because I was pranked but because after they embarrassed me no one involved would do anything to help me be less uncomfortable. So anyway it was really stupid, but I learned a lot about the difference between worldly sorrow and Godly sorrow. Also Sister Baker and I developed way more comp unity. It was really cool.

Anyway here's the part of the letter y'all care about:

We locked our keys in the trunk this week and the Assistants had to drive down from Irvine and pop our trunk. Thanks Assistants, you're the real MVPs. Also when we called our vehicle coordinator he was like "yeah happens all the time." Of course it does. #Mormons

"We have dinner with Hulk Hogan on Monday then on Tuesday we're eating with Thomas S Monson." -Sister Baker

"Hey! It's [that] Mission Viejo Second sisters..." -me
I said "the mv2 sisters" but she misunderstood and laughed for like 2349857years. We were leaving the Assistants a voicemail. It was hilarious

"We went to contact a referral and one person was Chinese and the other was Korean." -Sister Sakuri (the Japanese sister)

"I don't like Kid Rock's lyrics but musically and vocally he's a genius!" -Carmen

"My own personal wizard, Merlin." -Carmen

"I'm so tired of people making a mockery of the English language!" -Carmen in response to me saying cool

"Palmy and Palmetta because one's a boy and one's a girl." -Carmen on her palm trees

"So I was like 'do you worship satan?' and she was like 'as a matter of fact I do' which is weird cause I like her anyway." -Carmen

"I tried to worship satan but I couldn't even do that right!" -Carmen

"I'm biologically a human, astrologically I'm a lioness so I'm a cat, and I'm a daughter of God D-O-G so I'm a dog." -Carmen

"President Clark sounds so nice. Imagine a teddy bear man." -Elder White

"I don't know if I want to get transferred because I like this area and I.... love...... you.... anyway I just don't want a terrible companion!!" -Sister Baker


"The clown reflects the testimony!!" -Sister Baker

"Elder Center have you every been at a dinner where I DIDN'T throw something?" -me
"Nope, no way!" -Elder Center
"You threw something really weird one time what was it?" -Elder Center

"Nobody ever compliments the pianist." -Sister Baker
"Nice piano playing" -like 50 people

"I used to have a Buddha charm that was blessed by Buddhist monks. I rubbed it before tests." -Elder Gee
"Did it work because I'm pretty sure that's idol worship." -me
"NO! Ok I just have a lot of problems that I have to fix before I get to the point where I can worry about my Buddha charm!" -Elder Gee

*picks up fork and immediately drops it* -me
"I don't know why you're surprised." -Elder Center

"Sister Atchley will you sprint across that field so I can rope you?" -Elder Center
"No" -me
"Come oooooon." -Elder Center
"Mostly because you said sprint and for like no other reason." -me
"Sister Atchley will you... walk... across that field...." -Edler Center

I can't remember if I've assigned these as a reading assignment before, but they're my favorite so here they are again:
Read The Law of Increasing Returns
Also read Alma 5 in Elder Holland's voice and learn like 5 things you need to repent of. It works every time.

Love Y'all!

This is secretly what Mormons look like

Officially the shortest in the mission

I have no idea why I am terrified of horses

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