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Well I'm being transferred to Tijeras Canyon my last transfer. I'm going to be in a trio with Sister Lovridge and Sister Mitchell. We're the Sister Training leaders. So basically I will be too busy to think about coming home. I can't even understand what it means to come home. It's like how I can teach about post earth life, and I know intellectually what post earth life is like, but I don't understand or have any way of comprehending post earth life. So right now I can talk about how long I have left without feeling uncomfortable becaue I don't really understand how long 6 weeks are. 
Writing the dates in my planner was kind of brutal though. 

This week we had a lot of crazy plot twists. 

We did service at this senior wellness summit at Laguna Woods. It was SO EXHAUSTING. Not because it was hard work, but because they had more volunteers than they needed so we were BORED. It was so hard. We chilled with Sister Calton on the bench outside the auditorium for awhile and talked about stuff. An ~80 year old man from South Africa tried to sell us a burial plot. We delivered hard boiled eggs, bran muffins, and fruit to some old people. We heard a presentation about social security and one about scams that target the elderly. We fell asleep a little. You know, just trying to fit in... 

Sometime after we got home we got a text from the Assistants saying that I was invited to MLC! So that was a plot twist because usually regular missionaries don't go to Mission Leadership Conference unless they're fixing to become mission leadership. Sister Gage wasn't invited. 

So then I went to MLC and it was the most awesome thing ever. Elder Zwick of the 70 came and addressed us. He and President Clark are personal friends. He talked about everything I've been having questions about. It was so awesome!!! The first thing that he talked about was councils. We spent like 30 minutes talking about what a council is and about how it's fundamental to how Heavenly Father runs things. He talked about how it's impossible to do anything if there is contention in the council. The Spirit just taught me that if a council is the most important method of operation for running the Kingdom of God, and family is the most important unity in the Kingdom of God then it follows that family council is the most important way you can contribute to the growth and progress of the Kingdom of God. He also talked about how everything you do needs to be backed up by names of individuals and how you can get them to the next ordinance which is usually either baptism or the sacrament. 

He talked about how in order for us to be better missionaries we need to have more faith in Christ. There was so much! He also promised all the sisters that we would get married in this life. Watch out boys. ;]

I got back from MLC and we were driving to Bishop's house when we got a call from the Elders. They informed us that they needed to give us their area book because they are closing their area! Plot twist! So random! Laguna Hills: Sisters Only! 
Then we saw the Elders pawning of stuff in their apartment off at the Church Library. We were like "We feel like we're staying together or Atchley leaves Gage stays." they were like "hah! yeah right! Sister Gage has been here for so long and it's just rude to transfer someone their last transfer!" Then two hours later they called us and told us that I'm getting transferred my last transfer. #Rude

And that's been my week! 


"Apparently I'm a guy that has feelings! I didn't know that about myself! I don't think I'm a feelings guy! I've only cried twice on my mission!" -Elder Gunn

"You look like such a midget in the car when we see you! We can barely see you over the door of the car! If you were basic you'd try to put your feet on the dash and they wouldn't reach!" -Elder Gunn

"loser bears testimony?" -me 
"Well.... I don't want to put it exactly that way...." -Elder Crone

"I'm running out of things to play." -Elder Gunn
"Make it up." -me 
"What do you think I've been doing!" -Elder Gunn

"Everything you play sounds spooky." -me 
"and sad." -Elder Ball
"like his life." -Elder Houghtalen 
"Careful you'll hurt all his feelings." -Elder Crone
"HEY!!" -Elder Gunn

"Why do dudes always want to hit each other?" -Elder Gunn

"Take the selfie you're the tallest one in the district." -Sister Gage
"Really!? This has never happened to me before!" -Elder Gunn (He's like 5' 7")

"Just put burlap on it." -Sister Matsen

"So can we teach you the lessons?" -me 
"Isn't that what you're supposed to be doing?" -Natalie

"Get out of the way guys! Let Sister Atchley go! Don't mess with her, she's in my top 30 favorite missionaries!" -Elder Radeke 

"So Sister Atchley... are you ready to go back to MV2 for your last transfer?" -Elder Boggess

"I just need to know if I'm staying or not so I can know if I need to turn in my keys!" -Sister Hunter 
"Just.... you can just keep them... yeah... keep them....." -Elder Everett

"Sister Atchley is so knowledgeable about the scriptures" -Sister Worthen
"What am I knowledgeable about?" -Sister Ferrell
"Food.." -Sister Worthen
"was that a fat joke?" -Sister Ferrell
"It wasn't a joke." -Sister Worthen 

"Yeah I think beards are fine that's not doctrine it's just BYU culture plus I'm a convert I don't know any better." -me 
"Oh! Atchley! I love that excuse! Sister Atchley what are you doing in Anaheim? I'm a convert I don't know any better? Why do you have that coffee? I'm a convert I don't know any better." -Sister Van Den Bron

"This shows that mothers are willing to do anything to protect their children. Even if this means frightening them." -youth speaker

"This is the second time I've spoken in sacrament meeting since I've turned 12. The first time was so traumatizing that I'm having a really hard time being up here right now." -same guy

"Elder Center is in my zone are you kidding me!? I was already in the same ward as him for 9 months! I was already in the same zone as him too! What the heck!?" -me 
"Maybe it's a sign!" -Elder Ball
"It's a sign or a test!!" -Elder Gunn 

"I have way too much makeup so I try to give some of it away a lot." -Sister Tayco
"The Elders are a little more weird about it." -Brother Tayco

Here's a reading assignment: 

Scripture Study

What reasons did the Book of Mormon prophets give for writing their records?

 1 Nephi 6:4–6

 1 Nephi 9:3–5

 2 Nephi 4:15–16

 2 Nephi 25:23–29

 2 Nephi 26:15–16

 2 Nephi 29:11–14

 2 Nephi 33:13–15

 Jacob 1:4–7

 Jacob 4:1–6, 12

 Enos 1:13

 Jarom 1:2

 Omni 1:25–26

 Words of Mormon 1:3–8

 Alma 37:2, 14

 3 Nephi 5:14–15

 Mormon 8:35

 D&C 3:16–20

 D&C 10:46–48

Read these and think what reasons you read the Book of Mormon. 
P.s. I plagiarized this from Preach My Gospel

Laguna Hills District: The tiny district 
From back to front: 
Elder Crone, Elder Houghtalen, Elder Ball, Sister Van Den Bron, Sister Hunter, Sister Gage, Sister Calton, Me, Elder Gunn

 His bow tie is made of duct tape.
 The Mortensens! So fun! Such Gardening! Many Service! Wow
 These are the Schaffs. They're the nicest.

Sorry about the random pictures Sister Calton I can't be bothered to make another email :) 
 It was Sister Calton's birthday
 This happened
 Nailed it

 the weirder picture.
 This is Sister Jacobsen. Her husband is a pro basketball player. There are two in the ward. yep.
 Sister McPherson thinks I'm a punk but I didn't even do anything!!! (except pass notes in ward council but that was like only one time ok)
 Cardalls! So awesome! The sweetest and the sassiest humans that have ever lived both together in one companionship!

 Reality show, Are you taller than a ten year old?

 We found this at an elderly home we volunteered at.
My last planer cover

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