Friday, May 5, 2017


Here are some important things I've accomplished this week: 

  1. I remembered how to solve my rubiks cube. #ThanksMuscleMemory 
  2. I reached the maximum level of hydration that it is possible to reach I think. Nobody better suggest I drink more water. It won't work. 
  3. I survived the most contentious district meeting of my entire mission.
  4. I interfered with 3 different home teaching endeavors in one night. #LastSundayOfTheMonth
  5. I gained a knowledge of exactly how frequently I think of non mission appropriate music. It's about on average every 4 minutes probably. 

This week was kind of difficult. I'm having a lot of stress. Stress is so hard to deal with sometimes. Specially because it stresses me out to take a break because I feel bad for not working hard. #WhatDoYouDo 

We met with Gloria. She's been investigating for like 18 years. It's crazy. We brought Brother Storm. He's really cool, he's super bold, but also super loving. I wish I could be that way. I can just be super bold and my companion can use burn heal. This week was also kind of slow. We do not have very much success with stopping by people. We stop by at the wrong times I guess. It always sounds like the Elders are psychic and they meet like a million people per day. It's crazy how you can be in the same ward and have two different experiences. 

I've been learning a lot lately about how the Lord takes care of you. I've not had any crazy experiences or anything he just keeps telling me. It's kinda troubling. Like when you're playing a video game and there's a save point in a place you wouldn't expect it. 

Women's conference was super amazing. They were not super soft on us this time. They were bold and taught with authority. My favorite is how much the used scriptures and talked about the doctrine of Christ. The doctrine of Christ is so important, because it's the way to live in this world. If you can understand it then you don't have to worry, but you'll know what to do. It's also the pattern for accessing the power of the atonement. I'm really excited for general conference. I can't wait to know what they want us to focus on. 

Our ward is focusing on missionary work. Our members are super excited about it. I learned that having a ward change is actually traumatic for some people. I would never have guessed because my ward has been changing the whole time I've been a member of the church. I guess it makes sense though. Like some people have trouble going to a new school. 

Well team I don't have that much to report this week. I'm starting to get nervous about going home. Transfer calls are this week. I don't want to lose my companion. So look out for me to have a new companion next week. The mission is like one plot twist after another. 

Here's some quotes: 

"I remember Sister Baker! She was so sweet! Sister Baker could read so fast!" -Gloria

"Were you excited to go to Texas?" -Sister Gage
"No I was super mad. I had just gotten back from a wedding in Texas and my mom and I literally had a conversation about how we never wanted to go back there." -Sister Diaz

"We can go on splits with Priest age young men." -me 
"Wait it has to be PRIEST age? Those punks took me out when I was 12!" -Elder Gunn

"I want to be a part of the old lady skyrim group" -Elder Williams

"I think it would be really cool to have my girl... I mean my daughter be named Billy." -Elder Gunn

"I'm gonna name my chick FLIP! I MEAN MY DAUGHTER!!...." -Elder Gunn

"Do I have any decency? Not much" -Elder Gunn

"What's the password?" -me 
"uh.... you're short...." -Elder Gunn

"You probably have a political opinion because you're from Texas." -Sister Gage

"you just dunk them.. .wait FETCH! Dunk is ON HERE!" -Elder Williams during 42 points taboo 

"How do you spell the name?" -me 
"Jillian." -Sister Gage

"It has to sting a little or it doesn't stick. That's why Heavenly Father sends the sword and the famine to stir his children up in remembrance of their covenants. When he wants to stir people up you never see him sending the teddy bear or the lamb." -me 

"Every time I come out here Sister Atchley is doing nothing." -Elder Gunn

"Where's the hoe?" -Sister Gage
"Right there" -Elder Williams pointing to Elder Gunn 

"You can have it over there with the dank couch whatever that means." -Bishop Flora 

Here's a reading assignment: 

Read D&C 84 and focus on how you can develop unity. 

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