Thursday, March 9, 2017


 We Went to JC Pennys and got outfits that were opposite our normal style
 This member has a huge very hairy dog.
 When you are trying to do companion inventory but your companion is making blind contour drawings.
 Elder Vaipulu and Elder T'eo
 These chairs are holding up these trees, probably
 It's Sister Shumway!!!
 This is like the Mormon version of when there are crushed up beer bottles in the school parking lot.
 This is my totally accurate drawing of the united states

"I always match with my companions" -Sister Ward
"We're matching in that we're both wearing my clothes." -me 
 All my companions that are still out here were at my zone conference
 They're not just a little matching they're like really bad
"Last time I got my hair cut I got it cut by someone who also cuts celebrity hair." -Elder Kieth

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