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Hi guys. 

I want to report that two people this week said "WHAT! NO! YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!" to me. One of them was like a 60 year old guy and the other was a 4 year old boy. That's cool guys but I'm looking for someone in between your ages. 

Luckily I have the members of the ward to hook me up. Some members are literally planning to set me up with an Elder that served in this ward. One of the most hilarious dinners of my entire mission. So awkward. Then they were like "but don't think about that right now you have missionary work to do. Just wait until you go home." My favorite is when the members are just really open about what missionaries they thing would be good together. It's funnier when I'm not involved though I think. #staaap #ImShy   

We worked much harder this week and saw many more results. Imagine that.

I'm SICK! and I'm deaf in my left ear part two! Except this time it's not going away. It's been way longer.  

We helped clean out a hoarder's house. So scary. I like can't even about it. Sister Gage has been telling me the whole time we've been companions that I'm like the most clean freak companion she's ever had. I'm kinda stressed because I heaven't mopped the floor today and my bed is unmade. I was on exchanges with Sister Hunter and her mind was blown at how much cleaner the apartment was than last time she was on exchanges here. So like the mission changes you. 

We contacted a lot of our potentials and less actives. We set up an appointment with a lot of them. Everyone in our area is really kind. I have not had anyone be mean to me. I think the only thing that's keeping people from finding the church is the idea that "people in Nellie Gail are too well off to want to learn about the gospel" I've called people out on this opinion a couple times since I've been in the ward and they say "well... you know... people in more affluent areas tend to be less likely to accept the gospel...." That's also what they said to Alma and the sons of Mosiah about the Lamanites, but we all know how that story goes.

23 Now do ye remember, my brethren, that we said unto our brethren in the land of [south OC], we go up to the land of [Nellie Gail], to preach unto our brethren, the [people who live in south OC], and they laughed us to scorn?

 24 For they said unto us: Do ye suppose that ye can bring the [People of south OC] to the knowledge of the truth? Do ye suppose that ye can convince the [People of south OC] of the incorrectness of the traditions of [Mariners Church], as stiffnecked a people as they are; whose hearts delight in the [building of large houses]; whose days have been spent in the [acquisition of lots of money]; whose ways have been the ways of [rich people] from the beginning? Now my brethren, ye remember that this was their language.


On the other hand the members here are not afraid to talk to their neighbors. They're pretty solid member missionaries actually. They work really hard at it they just don't believe it will work. Also we got a part member families list from our ward clerk and it is literally the longest part member families list I have ever seen. There are also a lot of unbaptized children of record. It's so interesting. Anyway, almost every member we talk to has some friends that they're working with. They have something good to report to us every time. 

The ward council is super missionary focused. There's a huge missionary work push in the stake and from Bishop Flora. Our ward mission leader, Brother Storm, is on fire. He is so awesome! He had two really good missionary opportunities this week that he shared with us. I love Brother Storm. He teaches so simply and he's incredibly energetic. He is not going to have any problem getting the ward excited to do missionary work. He's also really humble. If we suggest things or bring things up in gospel principles he doesn't shut us down. Sister Gage is having a bit of a hard time with him though. He has a strong personality. 

I love this ward and I love my companion. We literally are never upset at each other and we are totally unified in purpose. I think I haven't been happier my whole mission. It's so great. I feel a little bad though because I'm not struggling very much except that I'm a little sick and I can't hear out of my left ear. My mission feels kinda easy which seems wrong. 

Anyway I'm not complaining! D&C 58:4 For after much tribulation come the blessings. 

Here's some quotes: 

"I'm single so  I spend all my time where you can find single men, the temple and the hardware store." -Sister Mortensen

"Are y'all going to service?" us 
"Well everyone wants us to come, but nobody will flippin give us a stinkin freakiin flippin crud time.. .Sorry I feel better." -Elders

"Did you see the disintegrated mouse?" -Elder Williams
"Ew no do we want to?" -Sister Hunter
"Yeah! Follow me!" -Elder Williams

"Somebody had a funeral and they didn't take their flowers." -Sister Hunter

"I feel.... super high right now..." -Sister Hunter
*adjusts seat* 

"Elder Jones, sorry I was mad at you for the last 10 transfers." -me 
"wow... what... did I do?" -Elder Jones
"you were mad at him for 10 TRANSFERS?" -Elder Rosenow
"Yeah when I was a greenie I met you for the first time and it was my birthday and you called me old. So that's all I think about every time someone mentions you." -me 
"It's the first thing she said about you when I said you were our zone leader." -Sister Gage
"Well... what am I supposed to say? You're really old!" -Elder Jones 

"I'm not a very questioning person. I'm perfect already. What do I do when I'm already perfect?" -Elder Gunn
"Get translated." -me 
"I'm waiting!" -Elder Gunn

"There's a special place in heaven for the people that fold the programs. Forget the bishop ok." -Elder Gunn

"Judas don't know the doctrine! If he knew the doctrine he'd have two shoes!" -Elder Gunn

"Sees the good in everyone especially potato shaped men." -Sister Gage

"Sitting this way makes me look like an egg." -me 
"You say everything makes you look like an egg!" -Sister Gage

"You spicy egg you." -Sister Gage

"Like back when we had a MySpace." -me 
"I never had a MySpace. You age is showing." -Sister Gage

"How old are they?" -Bishop Flora
"older like probably 40s" -Elder Gunn
"WOW THANKS ELDER #SALTY #SALTSALT" -Entire ward council
"Does he have the Melchizedek Priesthood?" -Bishop Flora
"Says here's he's unordained."  -Brother Scott
"Oh really?" -Bishop Flora
"Yes but he's definitely High Priest age.... you know... older." -Brother Scott

"I'm not a little kid I'm FOUR!" -Miles 
"Oh right you're a nice young man." -me 
"NO!.... You're so... BEAUTIFUL!" -Miles

"I'm in Pre-k right now" -Miles
"Do you know what comes after Pre-K?" -Elder Williams
"Middle school!" -Miles
"Yeah basically. What comes after that?" -Elder Williams
"BYU! But that's not for a long week." -Miles
"The longest week of your life." -Elder Gunn
"are you going on a mission before you go to BYU?" -Sister Gage
"Yeah!" -Miles
"That's on Saturday." -Elder Gunn
"Yeah and my baseball game is on Saturday!" -Miles
"That's a busy day." -Elder Gunn

"You're SO CUTE. Your'e so cute. You're SO cute." -Miles like 500 times 

"wait darling!" -Miles

"When I was at home I woke up like 30 minutes before my ride got there, showered, got ready, and left." -me 
"uh.... didn't you forget to put clothes on?" -Miles

The Elders will not let me live it down. 

"Sister Gage how long have you been out?" -Sister Tayco 
"13 months." -Sister Gage 
"Oh wow! So you're about to go home! And you Sister Atchley?" -Sister Tayco
"...... 15 months......" -me 

"Like when you're at a member's house and their kids give them cake in the same bowl that they just killed a spider?" -Brother Tayco 

"She didn't even look sick at dinner or all day so I mean..." -Elder Williams coming around the corner

I get called mamma Atchley a lot. 

Here's a reading assignment: 

This one is from sister Gage: 

Have Fun!
Sister Atchley

 We take our weekly goals seriously in this companionship. 
 So seriously 

Sister Gage's ideal man most closely resembles a green onion with a pokemon shirt. Not really but I decided that. 
These guys represent actual people that really exist but you'll never know who. #SoConcecrated #JustKidding #Sad
 This week I learned I'm really short. "There's no way I'm just as long as the short dimension of this rug! DANGIT!" -me 
 This kid is totally wrecking the Elders at Tball. 
 He almost hit them most of the time
 Sister Gage brought this back from exchanges. It's like she know's who I am or something.
 So I realized that this guy only has one shoe on and it's stressing me out so much. Why? How did you manage to do this? Was it on purpose? Is it an accident? Did I miss something in the scriptures? 

Potato my boyfriend. Love him.

Supposedly he's getting a haircut today. 
I mean IDK why it looks fine to me. 
So we found really huge food
 This is the best day of my life
There's big candy too

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