Tuesday, May 3, 2016

5/2/2016 Everyone I love is leaving

This is the saddest transfer of my mission. Elder Robinson is going home and  like everyone else cool is getting transferred. I'm mostly sad about Sister Rudy, Elder Center, and Elder Burk. Also they wrecked our district. They just like gerrymandered the district so that Northwood Elders aren't with us anymore. So now there are only three companionships and only one companionship of Elders. ALSO I've been in the ward for the longest out of anyone serving in the ward starting tomorrow.
Actually I lied. They just wrecked our whole zone. There are only two companionships that are staying the same. Me and Sister Peterson and Northwood Elders.

We had a service project this week that was literally 6 hours long. We were registering people for a marathon. They needed our entire zone and also our entire Saturday. You want to proselyte during prime proselyting time? That's unfortunate.  

We kind of had a really bad week. I mean it seems like a good week, but when I read my journal it's like a series of kind of less than average days. Weird. We met SO MANY BASHERS. Everyone tried to bash. It was obnoxious. They weren't even from Mariners church.
One lady was trying to tell us that the scripture at the end of Revelation that says nothing taken away blah blah means the Book of Mormon is not the word of God. I told her that the standard works were compiled and canonized after Revelation was written so that didn't even make sense. She was like "uh yeah well who WROTE Revelation?" and I was like "Uh.... John the revelator...." and she derped out. I still don't understand the point she was trying to make. Bashers always just run out of things to say to you and then call you names and pretend to be concerned for your salvation. It's awesome.

I did have one really cool experience. I fasted to have a better attitude, because my attitude this transfer has been pretty out of line. Then I just had a way better attitude yesterday even though I was fasting and we had temple tours. We just basically laughed all day. It was amazing. Even though I'm sad about everyone getting transferred and going home I'll have a good transfer because my attitude is better. I wonder how much more I would have been able to uplift the people I was serving around this transfer if I hadn't been grumpy cat the whole time. Looking forward to meeting new people to love.

OH also we celebrated my baptism day this week. I made a cake. They..... sang.... it was awkward. They also made me tell my conversion story.

Funny stuff: 

"Do you pretty much just wish you lived in Texas all the time?" -me
"Yes" -Elder Davis

"Can you bring fire to district meeting tomorrow? I need to light a candle." -Me
"Like an actual lighter or like strong spirit fire?" -Elder King
"Uh both... I just want to see you light a candle with your faith." -me

"Don't die Sister Atchley!" -Elder Davis
"Ugg I'm trying" -me
"We need you." -Elder Davis
"ugg why?" -me
"To do missionary work so your guys can get baptisms." -Elder Davis

"Elder Center really enjoyed the video of you bleating." -Elder Ball
"Actually I went home and cried a little." -Elder Center
"When you cried did it sound like Weheheheh?" -Me
I guess I make a really entertaining goat sound.

"A wise man once told me 'People should think you're pretty close to dang good, but they shouldn't be surprised when you're not.'" -Elder Fuell quoting Elder Ashton
"Yeah that sounds like something someone from Texas would say." -me
*Elder Ashton being so done*

"There are gonna be no Sister Atchleys to throw down in Mission Viejo." -Elder Center

Y'all should read "The Fourth Missionary" and replace missionary with Latter-Day Saint.

Love Y'all!

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