Monday, February 1, 2016


Dear Dad

Yep it's two months tomorrow.
So I'm racist against March apparently. 
I straight up forgot it existed like 5 times this week. 
"we should have a baptism on the 5th. Wait that's next week that won't work.... wait March has 5 days as well...... awkward." 

We're having a lesson this week with a guy named Bobby that we met in the park the other day. He was like "Man this a good scripture y'all just goin round sharin this for free? this good stuff!" He just believed the Book of Mormon was scripture before we even told him anything about it. He just read it and could tell. So cool. Then HE called US during weekly planning and asked if we were going to be in the park to teach him that day. So we set an appointment for Wednesday I think. We're gonna extend an invitation to be baptized I think. It's my first time extending a baptismal invitation so I'm not nervous at all somehow. 

Sister Shober always says "Sister Atchley is the one training me." then she gets mad when I call her senior companion. So I do it all the time. :3

Another thing Sister Shober is mad about is the fact that I've been here for only 7 weeks and it's winter and we have a car and I already got dem tan lines. I have watch tan and CTR ring tan and shoes tan. Y'all are not going to know who I am when I get home. My hair is getting lighter as well. 
All the other sisters love to just come up behind me and do my hair with no warning so my hair is always on point. I'm ok with it. 

Oh yeah, so transfers are tomorrow. Nothing changed for me except Sister Shober is now a sister training leader. Also Elder Blue is being transferred. Elder Center is left alone with his poor widowed mother, Elder Dayton. I don't know how they will get along without Elder Blue. I think all three of them kind of kept peace between the other two so everything worked out. Elder Dayton and Elder Center are like polar opposites, but they're both good Elders so it should be ok. 
"It's just you and your poor widowed mother now." -me
"No you can't just have a mom, Elder Dayton is my dad now." -Elder Center
"No there are plenty of single moms. That's kind of offensive Elder Center" -Elder Dayton 
"YOUR DAD LEFT YOU!"- Elder Blue
They're kinda weird. 

Matthew needs to brush his hair back or to the side. 

So there are a lot of Asians here. The Irvine mission has Chinese missionaries and the Anaheim mission has Korean missionaries. They both teach English classes in our building so we go and help out. We just practice having conversations with the Korean and Chinese people. They are so nice. They always tell me I'm not short, and I'm beautiful. The Chinese people always say "You're from Texas!! SAME ELDER CHAN!!" Elder Chan is from McKinney or somewhere. I asked him if people were really racist to him when he got called to speak Chinese and he said yes. Then he told me I practically live in mexico. We were missing Mexican rice together. The other day Sister Shober was roped into doing an impromptu concert for all the Chinese ladies because she said she's studying music. 

"Yeah I did Filipino work for a transfer." - Elder Dayton 

"YOU HAVE FIVE CHANCES BROTHER!!" - A kid named Maddie 

I keep having all these weird scary or sad dreams lately. Like almost everyone in our district is having weird sad dreams lately. That's probably an exaggeration, but me and Elder Dayton and Sister Shober are anyway. It's the worst. 

I don't know what else to say. 

I guess I can give you the reading assignment. 

So people outside the church sometimes tell us that in order to be saved you just have to have sincere faith in Christ. Then people in the church argue by saying "yes but faith without works is dead" or something. Then the people outside the church say that if there are works produced it's because of sincere faith that you have in Christ but the works don't save you. 

I've decided that I think the people that try to bash with us are right about the fact that works come as a result of your faith. When your faith in Christ increases you have an increased desire to have your will more in line with God's will. Then when you do the works which are actually necessary to be more in line with God's will you are repenting. That's the actual definition of repentance. So, maybe this is poorly explained, but I think that repentance is where the works without which faith is dead come in. If that makes sense. 

So your reading assignment is this: "Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ" by Gene R Cook and Hebrews chapter 11 (Read all the footnotes too. You don't have to read the cross references.) Think about faith and works. How are they different? How do they support one another? When is a time that you showed faith, but Heavenly Father still acted in a way that you weren't expecting?

Love Y'all!
<3 Sister Atchley

P.S. Sister Shober's mom keeps calling me short in her weekly emails. >:( 

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