Monday, February 22, 2016


Dear Dad

So last week apparently the emails didn't work out correctly. So I don't know if you got the email twice or just on Thursday or whatever. I just want to express that I have since repented of all the grumpiness expressed in my previous email.

I'm sure the scriptures say somewhere that grumpiness is of the devil. Probably in Acts, everything is in Acts.

This week we contact into a girl named Layla. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she said she thinks she probably has all the standards of the church. We called her the next day to see if we could come teach her and she was like "oh sorry I haven't had much time to read that book I've only read a few pages." #what
So we asked if she started from the beginning and she was like "yeah I really want to know more about Joseph." #whosaysthat
So then the next day we asked her if she wanted to come to church with us and she was like "I'm not really sure. I think I want to know more about the Book of Mormon before I go to church with you ladies. I'm actually reading it right now during my lunch." #whatwhatwhat
So we asked where she was and she was like "1nephi chapter 4: Nephi slays Laban" #golden
It had only been like 3 days. Man I never read the Book of Mormon as an investigator and she is already who knows how far. So cool. Unfortunately we will probably have to give her to the YSA sisters. Unless she lives with her family then we can just teach all of them.

I feel like we've talked to a lot of 13 year old boys this week. The thing about talking to 13 year old boys is that they are actually really nice to us. Go figure. The people I hung out with as a 13 year old would have been punks to missionaries I feel. We've yet to meet one who has just been really excited to learn about the restored gospel, but every one of them has politely and respectfully turned us down AND shared some of what they believe. When adults don't agree with us they're huge jerks about it. It just seems backwards in my head you know?
"Thanks for trying to share this with me but my family is actually Muslim and we believe something kind of different about Jesus Christ. I appreciate it though; have a nice day and good luck." - a 13 year old boy

I HAD A REALLY EXCITING MORMON MILESTONE - my relative finder connected to Joseph Smith and a bunch of other important church people. I'm official now! haha
Also I'm somehow distantly related to like every other missionary from Texas including Elder Chan. (on his mom's side haha) We're like 11th cousins twice removed or something.

So it was my 21st birthday on Friday. Now forever when people ask how I spent my 21st birthday I can say something like: Well I woke up at 6:30 am and it was a Friday so we did weekly planning. Then the Elders in my ward called and sang happy birthday. Then, since my companion was a sister training leader I was on exchanges for like an hour while she was in a meeting. The Zone Leaders printed out a conference talk for me. The people in the mission office called and sang happy birthday. Then like half the zone gave me cookies and also sang happy birthday. Then we went tracting an contacting and had dinner with a less active. It was the 31st anniversary of her sobriety which is way more exciting. Then we had a member lesson with the Hydes.

Then people will be like Mormons are a peculiar people.

I had this really cool conversation with a primary kid named Elizabeth yesterday:
Me: What did you learn today?
Elizabeth: Heavenly Father watches over us.
Me: How does he do that?
Elizabeth: He protects us and makes us feel better when we're sad and stuff.
Me: What if we do something wrong?
Elizabeth: Then he helps us by telling us what the right thing to do is so we can be better and go to heaven and live with him.
Me: What if we aren't a member of the church?
Elizabeth: Then he helps us to find the church so we can become a member.

Isn't that the truth. Primary kids always say such profound true stuff and they don't even realize that they're saying stuff that adults find it hard to grasp.

WE GOT TIWI THIS WEEK. So there are black boxes in our cars now. Big brother and stuff. Exciting. The guy that put them it was hilarious.

The ladies in the Korean English class wanted to talk about valentines day and love. It was awkward. They asked if I ever had a crush on a boy...................

Now some quotes:

Birthday quotes:

"You're legal!" -Elder Dayton
"Party tonight with Sister Atchley!" -Elder Center

"Buy booze for us Sister Atchley!" -Elder Mann
"I'm not buying booze for minors." -me
"I'm not a minor I'm a missionary!" -Elder Mann
"That's a good point. You can't buy alcohol because you're a missionary, sorry." -Elder Dayton

"remember to stay under the legal limit Sister Atchley!" -Elder Dayton

Other stuff:

"A Capricorn!? You know what that is right!? It's a goat!!" -Elder Dayton after learning that Elder Center is a Capricorn

"You sound like a horse racist" -Me
"Is a horse racist someone who wears those funny hats and rides horses really fast around a track?" -Elder Dayton

The other day the zone asked what our spirit animals were and I said "a cat. No wait several cats." and apparently Elder Burk thought that was hilarious. "Maybe you'd be taller if you were one more cat." -Elder Burk
"There are like 30 or 40 hymns that everyone in the church sings and the rest of the hymnal is like the Isaiah chapters." -Elder Dayton

"How did you guys get here if Elder Dayton has a flat tire?" -Sister Shober
"Charles brought us." - Elder Center
"If you were to ask any Elder serving in Odessa Texas how they came to be in any give location during the summer that would likely be their answer as well." -Me

The reading assignment is this:

Think about what we are expected to give to the Lord.

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