Monday, February 8, 2016


Dear Dad
I'm glad to see that y'all are going to the temple. We got to help clean the temple the other day. It was super cool because we were there for four and a half hours, but all we did was wipe down each individual leaf on the palm trees located in the different rooms. We were the last ones to finis our jobs but it's ok because we got to sit in the Celestial room by ourselves for an hour so I'm not complaining.
The amount of effort that goes into cleaning the temple is really amazing. You should think about it and then think about how our body is a temple for the Holy Ghost to dwell in.

"The picked you as the very elect of the elect to do this one job the entire time we're cleaning the temple. You are truly called to this particular task. We're going to wipe every leaf on every tree in the temple." -The guy supervising us

Elder Berta! How long was he out when I left? It's really weird when I still go home before Elders who have been in the field way longer than me.
This week as been gross. It was up to 90 degrees this week. I need to buy new shirts. I'm going to print pictures today so that I can send this SD card home. I'll probably send it in Matthew's birthday letter which I might just go ahead and send today.

So the guy Bobby we were going to teach hung up on us when we called to confirm our appointment. ): I was already having a really bad day that day. HOWEVER, that's the only bad day I've had since I've been in the field and I got to extend a baptismal invitation anyway. She didn't say she wouldn't get baptized. That's how it starts. Also I filled out my very first investigator progress form. I'm doing real missionary work. Just kidding I've been doing real missionary work the whole time.
We also got another member referral for a family that this member lives with during the week. The family lives about 3 houses down from our Bishop. Apparently this man asked Bishop for missionaries to teach this family and Bishop told him that Sister Shober and I are the missionaries from his ward even though we have great Elders in our ward. I was so excited! When I got set apart the blessing said that people would trust me to teach their family members and friends. That's already coming true! The priesthood is so cool. I love blessings.

Now that Sister Shober is a sister training leader I'm on exchanges a lot. I don't mind being on exchanges, but sometimes the sisters I'm with treat me like or make me feel like I'm not as good of a missionary because it's only my second transfer or because I'm a convert. I'm trying to decide that instead of being upset about it I will just show them by my actions what kind of missionary I am. I feel like I'm doing my best and improving every day. I was being emo about it the other day though. Then I remembered that there is no point in being sad. Men are that they might have joy right? I told a sister I was on exchanges with that I had only had one bad day since being in the field and she was like "well you must have a GREAT attitude about life."
That's true

My new endeavor is memorizing a really huge section of D&C 84. I started on verse 74 yesterday but I might have it by tomorrow. Memorizing scriptures keeps my mind focused on gospel related things.
In other news I couldn't even eat one entire waffle the other day. I was full after only 1/2 and super full after 3/4. Who am I anymore? The mission changed me.

It wasn't even a big waffle.

Sister Shober and I were going to teach relief society together, but Sister Shober has a cold so I taught it by myself. When I get home I hope I get called to some kind of teaching position because that is all I want with my life. Sister Shober said I did a good job and everyone said they liked the lesson. Almost like I've been trained as a teacher my entire life.

Elder Hamula came and gave us a training. He said a lot of really good stuff but one thing I thought was particularly good was that we already know the outcome of the struggle between Christ's church and Satan. This dispensation will end in Christ returning to the earth. Spoiler alert: WE WIN!

Two different men said my last name is beautiful while we were contacting the other day. It was really weird because usually people just say like actually? actally? actchly? what's your name?

People call Sister Atchley whenever they need something painted. I made a birthday card this week. But Elder Dayton, who is going to make Sister Atchley's birthday card?

Anyway this is the reading assignment for the week sorry if it's kind of long:

First let me suggest that the sheep and the goats mentioned in Matthew are both part of the Shepherds fold. I have no proof of this as far as the parable goes but It's just a thought I had.

Now as you read this talk and the scriptures think of someone you have negative feelings for to any degree. What are the criteria by which the sheep and the goats are divided? What does this say about how we should treat others? 

I invite you to pray to Heavenly Father that He help you understand whoever you were thinking of as you read. I promise that if you sincerely ask Him to help take away your negative thoughts and feelings it will work. I do this all the time. This is the kind of prayer that I keep in my heart at all times.

Anyway I love y'all!
<3 Sister Atchley

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