Monday, June 26, 2017

6/26/17 Last Letter

2John1:12 Having many things to write unto you, I would not write with paper and ink: but I trust to come unto you, and speak face to face, that our joy may be full.

The Last Quotes: 

"SISTER ATCHLEY!! Your BLOG got me in TROUBLE with my MOM!" -Elder Gunn

"How do you gain knowledge?" -Sister Mitchell
"By study and by faith." -me 
"Elder Chain, you know everything. How did you gain your knowledge?" -Elder Hampton
"Well I feel like knowledge is the sum total of an accumulation of facts and personal experiences. So primarily by study and also by faith." -Elder Chain

"A lot of us grew up in the church except Sister Atchley and some others." -like 4 people at my departing dinner

"I'm socially a butterfly. I'm social, but I have the brain of a butterfly..." -Elder Chain

"So you're saying your dream girl is average?" -Sister Mitchell
"Yeah!" -Elder Hampton

"Our skins are talking to each other." -Sister Mitchell

"My skin is sad that you're going home." -Sister Mitchell

"Wait! So you're pregnant for 6 transfers!?" -me 

"Sorry I'm in the way." -me 
"You've never been in the way Sister Atchley don't flatter yourself." -Elder Radeke

"I am not in love with him. He's the worst ever!" -me 
"Sister Atchley only has two settings: in love with and worst ever." -Sister Mitchell

"I want to have you! I MEAN HUG YOU!!!" -Sister Loveridge 

"I can't wait until I fit in my pants again." -me 
"They don't fit!! It's not an opinion it's a FACT!" -me 

"I am a CHANGED WOMAN! I'm going to throw my starfish FAR away!" -Sister Mitchell 

"Oh Sister Atchley why are you still here?" -Elder VanOrden

"I love it!" -Elder Blue
"What do I need to fix?" -Sister Loveridge
"Just a few things" -Elder Blue

"Why are your suitcases so empty?" -Sister Loveridge 
"I'm going to Texas put me in your suitcase!" -Sister Mitchell
"Are you under the weight limit?" -me 
"ummmmm yes! I am under 50 pounds!" -Sister Mitchell

"What the heck!? They have an air conditioner in the bathroom! They're such suits!" -Sister Mitchell

"Ok what makes the bagpipe sound in the men's bathroom?" -Sister Mitchell
"My bagpipes.... ... No just kidding it's the sink" -Elder Nattress
"DANGIT! We tried everything BUT the sink!" - Sister Mitchell
"wait what?" -Elder Nattress

"Why are there potatoes all over our carpet?" -Sister Mitchell

The Last Reading Assignment:

Coming Home to Your Mission

By Wendy Ulrich and Dave Ulrich

Since I've been a member for under 10 years this goes right along with what I need as a recent convert. 

In every ward council I've ever been in people are like "such and such is a convert of 5 and a half years so they're really tender in the gospel still. We need to focus on how we can help them." I'm like yaaas I'm so tendeeeerrrrr. heeeeeelp meeeeeee.... 

 sometimes I think the church is too ridiculous to be true
 President Clark is the tallest missionary and I'm the shortest missionary.
 Elder Radeke said something really nice about me at my departing dinner and it made me cry.

 It's a cactus made out of kisses

 My MTC Sisters. Now we're all #DEAD!!!!
 That awkward moment when you're a midget
 This was in the church library    (Dad- As a teacher this makes me so stressed,)

This is my spirit animal, Sister Bullard
 Aparently Elder Chain took his birthday picture down and so Sister Nygrene put up 8 more in its place.
 Sister Mitchell is actually an ancient shaman
 This was our spanish exchange


Make sure to read all the don't forgets too

"We decided Sister Atchley is on her first girl's camp." -Sister Mitchell
 This took like twenty tries
The best fail

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