Monday, December 12, 2016


How's it going fam? 

We got to go to the temple this week. I love the temple. I received a lot of guidance on what to do with my life, so that's exciting. The other day the spirit told me that I need to think about what I want to do when I get home. I like.... don't even want to do that. I still have 6 months. Get off my case!! Not really though. Despise not the revelations of the Lord. Now I'm discouraged though because what the spirit said seems like it's going to be like really impossible. I guess it's ok. because "I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them."
Does anyone know if you have to attend byu to teach at the MTC? This is slightly irrelevant to the temple.  

We had zone conference this week. It was so good! Now we have a FANCY NEW STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE! It's super awesome! Our mission stopped counting contacts. Also week one of this transfer there were nine baptisms. That's more in one week than at any time in the past over 2 years. President Clark is killing it! He's so amazing! I love him so much! The other day was his birthday. What nice man! Remember when the whole mission was scared of him? Probably not, but that was a thing. 

We met with our investigator Suzel. She's super nice. She was like asking about baptism and about missions and about how to bear her testimony. She set a baptismal date. She's having a lot of hard struggles in her life right now though, but it's ok. The gospel can help. We're having dinner with her tonight. Sister Craft is a boss lady and she just invited her over because she was having us over. This ward is so amazing at everything and they stinkin love us. I'm so grateful.

Our Christmas party was this week. We helped out a lot. It was crazy! It was really good though. I don't like Christmas parties because I don't like too much noise and people and everything going on around me. It's stressful. ALSO they made us guard this candy table from a bunch of primary children who were there an hour early for Santa. NOT FUN!!! I had to pray for Christlike love for many young boys. Emailing is also stressful. I have a really big desire to share my life with everyone in a really positive way, but then I get to emailing and I don't know what to write about. Y'all should send me questions so I have some ideas. Also I basically forget everything I learned in any given week as soon as I start typing. 

Oh!!! Here's something I learned this week: 
It's really awfully hard to feel love from someone if you're mad at them. This includes Heavenly Father. 

Here's Some Sister Clark One Liners: 
"It's what we go through not what we don't go through that makes us who we are." -Sister Clark

"Thank you is a phrase that doesn't cost much, but we tend to be stingy with it." -Sister Clark

Here's some quotes: 

"What is this white people vs brown people?" -Elder Bowen

"Be the fork, there's already spaghetti prepared" -Sister Call

"The missionaries and the Elders" -Sister Orellana
the worst is when people are like the missionaries and the sisters. like what I'm not a missionary? Sister Orellana, switching it up. 

"My favorite thing about Elder Nattress is his hair product." -Elder Mills

"How old are you today 56?"-me 
"I'm 40!" -President Clark

"My Goodness!! You're so cute!" -President Clark

"My children will ruin it in two weeks. They'll polish fruit." -President Gallund

"How do you say your name?" -me 
"Like jet ski"- Elder Jeske 

"Oh yeah! Paco taco time." -Elder Sorensen 

"alright some personal stud and some comp stud." -Elder Sorensen

"Look guys! We got a gift and it's not even secret Santa!!" -Elder Bowen 

"you look like you're in a bowl." -Sister Call

"You're guarding this candy from everyone."-President Nelson
"Mostly from stake presidencies and bishoprics!" -me 

"What do you like about prophets?" -me 
"They shot arrows but they couldn't hit Joseph or... SOME boy! Whatever! I'm out!" - a 4 year old

The reading assignment is this:
Throughout the Book of Mormon we can see the pride cycle. Usually it happens over the course of many chapters. Read 4th Nephi and behold the entire pride cycle in one chapter. Ask yourself "In what ways am I prideful?" 

Have fun! 
Love Y'all! 
Sister Atchley

An actual Ewock

We all look dang good in this picture ok don't question it.

Sister Baker went home. RIP ): 
#WhereIsSisterBaker -me ever day

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