Monday, October 17, 2016


Well we got transfer calls. Next transfer is going to be the first one ever that I'm not in the same zone as Elder Anthony. That's 7 out of 13. Let's not talk about how I'm on transfer 8 out of 13. However I'm exceedingly blessed because my mission is actually almost 19 months long. I have like 20 extra days past my 18 month mark approximately. #Lucky 🍀🍀🍀
I just found out there are a bunch of sick emojis in my email.
Here's some things I care about: 
But what I care about the most is:
Also this thing is sketch I don't know what it is: 

Anyway back to transfers: 

Elder Center is gone to RSM zone. Elder Anthony is back to Chinese. Our new district leader is Elder Vaipulu. Elder Radeke is still a zone leader here somehow??? SISTER BAKER AND I ARE STILL COMPANIONS SOMEHOW??? 4 transfers together for sisters outside of Spanish and Chinese is UNHEARD OF! I will be companions with Sister Baker until she dies! For literally 1/3rd of our missions? I'm mostly just really surprised. Also she's serving literally half her mission in this ward. However, we're getting a third companion this transfer. Her name is Sister Ward. So that should be good. Hopefully. I've never been in a trio and had to get along with TWO people all the time. I'm disagreeable enough as it is. Just kidding. Be looking forward to pictures of us as the power puff girls in the near future. 

Unfortunately Sister Shumway is being transferred as well. I've never been more sad. Sister Shumway is literally my best friend. I love her so much. She's so loving and Christlike. It's just amazing. I'm gonna miss her. So she's going home and my other two best friends are not in English work. Looks like I'll have to make new friends. 

"It's a good thing everyone loves you." -Sister Baker

I think this week was really good as far as my spiritual development. I'm kind of hyper though so I can't remember. Let me get reverent. 

So we had zone training meeting this week and it was really good. Elder Chain gave a training. He talked about our weaknesses and how we can overcome them. He talked about how to become consecrated. He said that there are things that keep us from being consecrated and those things are like addictions. Therefore they can be overcome with the principles of the addiction recovery program. That's true I can attest to that. The addiction recovery program is like a 12 step guide to learning how the atonement works. If you've never checked it out I would highly recommend it. It's very uplifting. 
Step 3 is conducting a fearless moral inventory. So Elder Chain invited us to do it. I discovered that the reason I've been so lazy and depressed and apathetic is that I was angry with Heavenly Father. That was an incredibly distressing thing to discover. It was good however because I was able to seek forgiveness and set goals to be better. I feel much better even now. Repentance is awesome. 

"When I went to the temple I remember thinking it was awesome." -Kid in primary program 
"I don't know about you but when I think of adjectives to describe the temple the first one I think of is awesome." -Sister Baker 

"There was a period of time called the great apostasy when people were just guessing what the bible meant." -different kid
"That's a good way of putting it actually. That's true doctrine." -Sister Baker
"that kid needs to come teach with us." -me 

Slightly related: I saw my first primary program yesterday. Talk about cute. I'm looking forward to having children. Looking forward to a date in the distant future that is. On the other hand talk about a little weird if it's the first time you've been at church. A lot of people brought their friends. I guess that's not as weird because it's like "hey my child has a part in this cute program our church does." 

Anyway. I'm sure I have way more cool stuff to say. Here's the reading assignment though: 

I was reading this article in the ensign and it said  “His Atonement … provides the opportunity to call upon Him who has experienced all of our mortal infirmities to give us the strength to bear the burdens of mortality. He knows of our anguish, and He is there for us. Like the good Samaritan, when He finds us wounded at the wayside, He will bind up our wounds and care for us (see Luke 10:34).” I have never heard that parable interpreted as Christ being the Samaritan. If Christ is the Samaritan it teaches us that although the world may pass us by our savior will not. He will come to us and heal us and then he will make sure that we end up in a place where we can receive more support and care. He will also bless those who care for us and help us through our trials. 

So the assignment is: Choose your favorite parable. When you read it who do you usually compare yourself to? Read it again comparing yourself to some other person in the parable. How does the meaning change? 
for example: if you like the parable of the lost coin and you usually compare yourself to the coin, ask how you are/can be like the woman instead. 

Plot twist. Here's some quotes: 
"Elder Howard's dad drives two fiats depending on the day." -Elder Chain
"the way you said that made it sound like depending on the day he either drives two fiats simultaneously or some other option." -me 
"He's a large man." -Elder Howard

"Elder VanOrden and Sister Baker are arguing about whether corn or potatoes are more deadly." -me 
"The reason I have a hard time making friends is that I just have no idea how to insert myself into such a conversation." -Elder Chain

"Wow Sister Atchley your handwriting is really nice"-Elder Chain
"L-O-L what?" - me 
"Oh yeah it's lovely will you dear John my girlfriend for me?" -Elder Howard

"I feel like everyone is too cool for me." -Elder Chain
"Well you'll never have that problem with me because I'm lame." -me
"I feel like there's this really high level of cool where you're too cool for everyone but the next level of cool is just cool with everyone and that's like you. Plus you can't be lame if you have cool handwriting." -Elder Chain

"I'm worried because everyone in my family is athletic so I'm afraid my children are going to get their genes but i'm like... this... so I'l have all these huge athletic children and they're going to dunk on me or something and I'll just be like *wimper* Shakespeare?" -Elder Chain

"I mean there's the higher law of consecration." -Sister Baker 
"Yeah but nobody can figure that out either. For example if we were consecrating our time we would go knock on Sister Selway's door." -me 

"We don't have real conversations anymore we just say inside jokes back and forth and make no sense." -Sister Baker 

"I don't have as much bread this time sisters." -Rosie 
*Pulls out 3 times the usual amount of bread* 

"All I'm saying is that Rosie Garcia is way better at clowncaring a bunch of bread in a paper bag." -me

"I forgot what I normally do with this knife." -Sister Baker
"Uh.. usually they're for butter...." -me 

"Hey Sister Atchley come be in our group!" -Elder Anthony and Elder Radeke from across the room
I've never been invited to a group from across the room before. I feel like I've made it. I'm finally cool. 

"Can I ask you what your goals in life are?" -Elder Anthony
"I want to be a mom." -me 
"I want to be level 75 in runescape" -Elder Radeke

"Does he even know about rusescape?" -Sister Baker
"Doesn't everyone? Maybe that's just everyone I hang out with?" -me 
"NEVER HEARD OF IT" -Sister Hawkins
"Well that answers that question." -Sister Baker
"that was basically the entire scientific method." -me 

"Does anyone know how to jump a car?" -Sister Baker
"Elder Fife seems competent." -me 
"He just popped the TRUNK." -Sister Baker

"Wow Sister Atchley... you went to art school for this." -Elder Radeke on the postit notes on our dash

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