Monday, April 11, 2016

4/11/2016 We're doing it!!

I'm happy to report that Sister Peterson and I are getting along much better now! We've just worked through some stuff and relied on the Lord and it's awesome. Companion inventory is the best thing ever. One thing I'm having to learn is to offer ways to improve without hurting feelings. It's a really hard balance between being bold and loving that I haven't previously learned in my life. It's also hard because I'm pretty much just down to receive criticism and nothing offends me, but I can't expect others to feel the same way. The Lord is definitely strengthening me though.

I feel like I don't really have a ton to report this week. It seems like the week has been super long and I don't really understand what all has happened. I experienced a miracle in the temple! Sister Peterson received special permission to go to the temple because she's working through some stuff, and I received permission to go with her because I'm her companion. Lucky! So one of the ordinance workers was like "Hi sister where are you from? OH MY GOODNESS IS THIS YOUR NAME!? Atchley is my maiden name! How long have you been a member of the church!?" I gave her your phone number so she's going to call you. When we were leaving she was like "good luck on you missions, I hope you find someone to teach, thanks for coming to the temple, may the force be with you!" So I'm pretty sure she's family. Miracles every time you go to the temple. 

I asked Heavenly Father to show me my weaknesses and he directed me to D&C 50. So that's your reading assignment. What I came to know my weaknesses are are too much pride and not enough christlike love. You will get something different from D&C 50 though. Pay attention to how many of the people that the father has given Christ will be lost. 

I got a blessing regarding these things and Heavenly Father said out loud in a priesthood blessing what he has been telling me through the Holy Ghost since I got my call. Which is that he needs me here to be a missionary to other members of the church. 

Also Layla is getting baptized! Did I already say that? I'm just so stoked! I love Layla she's amazing. She is super elect. 

Funny Stuff: 

"It's the service coordinators fault!!" -Sister Suchanski 
"Aren't YOU the service coordinators?" -Elder King

"I'm gonna name my twins ropey and sticky and one of them is gonna be dirty good at catchin cows and the other is gonna be dirty good at ridin horses." -Elder Center 

"If you say my name really fast it sounds like a verb. Patrick King. Patricking. I've been out patricking today." -Elder King 

"What did your first girlfriend look like?" -Sister Bell
"She was short.... brown hair..... kinda chunky......" -Elder Davis
"You just basically described Sister Atchley!" -Elder Center 

"I hear a lot of short jokes on my mission" -me
"Really? I've only met ONE short joke on my mission" *wiggles eyebrows* -Elder Burk 

People have been savage to me this week. 

"You don't come on your mission to make friends. Do you make weekly goals for FRIENDS Sister Atchley?" -Elder Chain

Elder Chain is really good at taking gnarly songs and making them about missionary work. 

"I would just leave the camp and be a cat in the jungle. Mrow." -Elder King 

"Why so glum Sister Atchley? Did you lose your testimony last night." -Brother Turner 

"I could be talking to my future wife on a daily basis and not even know." -Jake Henderson 
"My future wife could be not even born yet." -Ryan Henderson 
"HALF YOUR AGE PLUS SEVEN SON!!" -Bishop Henderson 
"Half my age plus seven is fourteen like me dad!" -Ryan Henderson 

Jake Henderson is a year younger than Matthew and an inch taller. 

Anyway Love y'all! 
<3 Sister Atchley 

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