Tuesday, December 15, 2015

She is in California now. 12/15/15

I got this letter this afternoon.

Hey I will send photos from the MTC eventually. I was orphaned this morning because my MTC companion's visa didn't come so she had to go back to Canada. We all made it safely through the airport, but I slept on the plane. We had to drop off Sister Oikle at 2:30 or something ridiculous so I basically didn't sleep last night and I slept on the plane. Also I dressed to get off the plane not to get on it so I basically died in the snow in Utah. BUT I SAW REAL SNOWFLAKES AND BEAUTIFUL SNOW MY LAST DAY AT THE MTC. They were actually snowflake shaped. Neat

She sent these two pictures, I have no idea who any of these people are and I assume it is in California, though I may be wrong.

A little further research on his name tag makes him the Mission President and his wife for the Irvine mission.

This is her with some other random people and the mission President and wife.

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